A Hobbyist

Hello friends!

First off, sorry for the delay in a new blog post. Not that anyone really reads this, but still. My mom visited last week and we had a lovely time so I didn’t get around to writing anything up.

Second off, I have some news about the job I wrote about two posts ago. I did NOT get it. Big surprise there! But don’t be sad, I have moved on to bigger and better things. Well, at least that is what I am trying to tell myself as I hurriedly scower all openings available.

Also I am awaiting pizza to be delivered. Just thought I’d also throw that out there.

So what is happening in my life? Well, my oven is broken and I cannot cook anything. So much fun to deal with that. And I have taken up a new hobby! My New Year’s resolution was to find find a new hobby. One of which is this blog, and second is crocheting. My mom taught me while she was here and I am currently making a blanket.

So I had to get my oil changed the other day, so naturally, I took my yarn with me to work on my blanket. And I got so many weird looks. Do people not make things with their own hands anymore? I felt like I was that old lady knitting away. During all these odd looks, I wanted to yell, “I get it, I’m a f*cking 22 year old crocheting! Get over it!”

Yup, a 22 year old, cussing, old hag at heart, crocheter.

A kind gentleman at the car dealership stopped to ask me what I was making and made me feel less weird. Thank you good sir, I appreciated it. I told him I was making a throw blanket and he said he was impressed with the patience people had who crocheted and knitted. I wanted to be like, “well, if you knew what little patience I had, you’d be shocked I could even do this.”

But I didn’t. Instead I tried to act like a normal human being, faked laughed and said, “Yup, it sure does take awhile!”And then we were both back on our merry ways. But in all honesty, I really have liked crocheting. I haven’t gotten too far and my fingers hurt after awhile, but in general I find it pretty relaxing.

Lord knows I need some relaxation in my life due to all the stress for work and let’s me honest, life in general. Plus, I figured I can make people hand made gifts now, and how cool is that!?

I’ve also been hitting the gym classes and failing miserably compared to all the hot bod soccer moms there. Like, ok, I get it, you’re hotter than me and have four kids at home. Way to show me up in pilates, yoga, and cycling. I can only hope I get to be as fit as them, especially if I were ever to become a mom (let’s only hope that isn’t any time soon).

I dragged my friend along to pilates the other night so I wouldn’t feel as horrible about myself and now we are both sore and hating life today. She was a good sport and even told me she’d go back and do it again. So it’s a win win there. Well, besides the hot moms showing us up.

Anyway… my pizza should be here any minute, and let’s face it, it’s kind of more important to me than coming up with something else to write. So too-da-loo!

I’ll try and write sooner next time!


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