Success vs Failure

I recently saw a quote that made me have an “ah-ha!” moment. And that, my friends, is something that I do believe Christian Borle said,

“Other people’s success is not your failure”

I’m not sure why this hit home so hard for me. Maybe it is because I am not crazy happy with my job, maybe it is because next week I’ll be competing with several of my colleagues for a new job that I want SO BAD.

And you know when you get that wave of disappointment when you don’t get the job? And even before, you tell yourself, it’s ok if I don’t get it? This is what I’m prepping myself for. Because some of my colleagues are seriously, insanely, crazy smart and good at their jobs and would be great for the new position. And I would be great for that new position too.

So if I don’t get it, I think that is why this quote is suddenly so important to me. If my colleague beats me at getting the job, it is their success. But this does not necessarily mean that it is my failure. Maybe it means it wasn’t meant to be and there is something even better out there for me.

So anybody reading this, first, please wish my luck next Friday in the morning. I need to prep more and second, guys if you recently haven’t gotten a job, or are still hung up on one awhile ago, REMEMBER this quote. You are BETTER than that job, you are meant to do amazing things.

I know I’ll be telling myself this in the next two weeks.


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